Questions to Ask Your Contractor

Do you have a Contractor’s License to conduct business in your municipality?

Why: This is different from an Electrician’s License This license is allows a company to conduct business as an electrical contractor. This is also where  insurance and bonding come in to play. Both Marion IL & Carbondale IL require posting of a bond.

In the contract, are there terms and conditions?

Why: Make sure you read the contract and understand what the terms & conditions say.

Are you insured? Are your employees insured?

WHY: If a contractor causes injury to you or damage to your property their insurance should pay. If a contractor's employee is hurt while working on your property the contractor's insurance should pay. If a contractor has no insurance the homeowner or business owner could be left facing large bills through no fault of their own. 

Precision Electrical will be happy to have David Kimmel of Benton IL (our insurance agent) send you a copy of our most recent insurance certificate so you know you are covered.

How can I be sure that Precision Electrical is a trustworthy company to deal with?

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