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Barry Milton who is a certified master electrician started Precision Electrical in 2002. Barry started Precision Electrical when he realized there was a need for a professional electrical service that would work on residential and small commercial jobs. Barry was so intrigued by his father’s work that he started doing it himself and has been for the last 20 years. Prior to starting Precision Electrical, he worked in welding and machining until making the switch and buying the 2100 square foot shop that they are currently at!

Our employees at Precision Electrical are passionate about perfection! There is almost no room for error when doing electrical installation and repairs. My professional background includes an Associate Degree in Instrumentation Engineering Technology from the State Technical Institute in Memphis, Tennessee.

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Estimates are free, and there are never “trip charges” when we provide your quote.
Please contact us now to set up an appointment by calling or texting us at (618) 927-6372.